Awareness of responsibilities based on conviction

Whether it comes to trust and respect in dealings with customers, employees and partners, whether health & safety, husbanding of resources, environmental protection or quality assurance – not only are responsible and forward-looking thinking and acting part and parcel of a functioning society, they are also features of Allgaier's company philosophy.

As part of the "CRS Germany – Corporate social responsibility" campaign initiated by the Confederation of German Employers' Associations (BDA), the Federation of German Industries (BDI), the Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce (DIHK) and the German Confederation of Skilled Crafts (ZDH), Allgaier is represented in the "CRS in practice" category with various best-practice projects.

Code of conduct
With its own code of conduct, Allgaier has defined fundamental ethical and moral values for each employee. It is obligatory for each member of the Allgaier Group's workforce to be familiar with this code of conduct, and to act accordingly.

The Allgaier-Group uses binding quality standards as a basis in order to ensure that its collaboration with customers, business partners, and team members is marked by trust. Accordingly, the Allgaier-Group is internationally certified in the fields of quality management, environmental management, and energy management, demonstrating its commitment to regulatory compliance and voluntary standards.

Environmental protection principles
We place great value on using as few resources as possible and protecting our natural environment. These values are already taken into account in the development and planning of our products and work processes. Our environmental standards are implemented during both the production and use of our products. We have defined our principles for environmentally responsible behavior in our environmental policy. These principles are binding for all employees of the Allgaier-Group.

Training and career
Specifically promoting young talents is the key to future capital in human resources. As a result, Allgaier concentrates heavily on continuously building up and passing on experience, specialist knowledge and skills. Furthermore, a company health management scheme embedded throughout the company ensures that employees are motivated and retained in the long term.

  • Pilot project Q-region Göppingen
    The reform of the education plan in the German Federal State of Baden-Württemberg includes a binding commitment to introduce a continuously functioning quality management system at each school. In the Göppingen region, local industrial companies have teamed up to offer a pilot project. Allgaier has been involved right from the beginning.
  • Uhingen training workshop
    Allgaier is a founding member of the Bildungswerkstatt Uhingen e.V., and as an executive council member since 2004, has played an active role in implementing and tracking the targets. The objective of the training workshop is to identify and promote new ways of improving cooperation between schools and the companies. The primary objective of this activity is to provide professional accompaniment and support from the companies for interested parents and schoolchildren in looking for suitable internships and apprenticeships.
  • Allgaier junior company
    In the same year, Allgaier founded its junior company which is run by commercial and industrial/technical Allgaier apprentices. Under practical conditions, all apprentices in the junior company learn about the principles of entrepreneurial thinking and acting. Among other aspects, the work focuses on the production and sale of merchandising articles.
  • Promotion of continuing education measures
    At Allgaier, individual continuing education measures for employees are promoted by the possibility of a leave of absence with reintegration commitment, financial support as well as the use of flexible working time models.

Social commitment

  • Allgaier school prize
    Since 2000, Allgaier has awarded a school prize to schoolchildren at the integrated secondary and intermediate school in Uhingen. The prize is awarded for notable performance in science and technology subjects. The award is intended to attract young people who display technical proficiency to consider industrial training programs.
  • "ALLGolino" apprentice project
    5 years ago, Allgaier started an educational campaign in cooperation with locally based institutions. Apprentices who are currently at Allgaier form a project team and visit locations such as kindergartens and primary schools in order to awaken a fascination for technology in the children through play activities. They vividly show how Allgaier products function and what you can do with them. The ALLGolino program culminates in a visit to the Allgaier teaching workshop in Uhingen.







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