Combining customer benefit with economic feasibility

Allgaier is a progressive, traditional company that is growing sustainably, strengthening its central position in the industrial value-added chain and supplying the best results to its customers. Since it was founded in 1906, the Group has developed continuously, setting new standards and keeping pace with the changes that are characteristic of the industrial world view.

Growth is achieved on the basis of innovative technologies, a high level of customer orientation and a strong global presence. In the future too, Allgaier will continue to build on its strengths in order to safeguard the company's sustained success.

The Allgaier-Group stands for:

  • Experience and reliability
  • Research and development
  • Speed and flexibility
  • Comprehensive process sequences
  • Transfer of expertise and knowledge
  • Growth and globalization

These targets can only be achieved with experienced specialists and managers who make their personal contribution through their wealth of ideas, knowledge, motivation and commitment. It is precisely these personnel who must be enthused, attracted to the company and encouraged to stay – with long-term, secure jobs, attractive development opportunities and remuneration which indicates how they are esteemed.



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