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Most Successful Year in Company History

16. April 2018

Uhingen (Germany). In 2017, the Allgaier-Group concluded the most successful year in the history of
the company. Originally founded in 1906, the automotive supplier successfully established a machine
and apparatus construction unit as a second business branch and recorded a successful year in both
business sectors. The Group increased its revenue by almost 30%.

The major driver of the remarkable increase in revenue, besides the raise at headquarters in Uhingen,
Germany, is Allgaier de Puebla – the Mexican subsidiary founded only in 2009. The subsidiary
manufactures pressed parts as well as high-quality and complex assemblies for renowned premium
automobile manufacturers. This international subsidiary demonstrates the importance of the early
internationalization of the Group . The decades of experience in international business began already
in the 1970s.

The holding company's subsidiaries of the process technology branch, and in particular Mogensen
GmbH und Co. KG in Wedel, Germany, made a significant contribution to the record revenue figures.
The restructuring of sales, in conjunction with new and technically innovative products formed the
basis for the significant growth of the Allgaier-Group.

Helmar Aßfalg, the chairman of the management board, reports that the traditional Swabian company
producing complex body in white assemblies from aluminum and steel as well as machines and
apparatuses posted revenues of €445.5 million in 2017. The corresponding figure from the previous
year was €347.8 million.

With investments of €33 million in 2017 and approximately €15 million in depreciations, the company
has set itself up to continue its growth in the coming years.

The Group, employing almost 2,000 people, intends to maintain this sustainable course of success.
Further growth will also be based on the transition of the financing structure in 2017. Together with our
principal banks, we will follow a long –term funding solution from now on.


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